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Money Counts Radio Show - "Unleashing Your Money's Hidden Potential"

Episode One: “Why Money Counts – Money Myths – Part One”

Episode Two: “Why Money Counts – Money Myths – Part Two” 

Episode Three: “Why Money Counts – Money Myths – Part Three” 

Episode Four: “Your Retirement Accounts – Treats or Tricks”

Episode Five: “Lending by Design”

Episode Six: “Understanding Your Credit Score and Why It Matters”

Episode Seven: “Women, Money and Power” 

Financial Personality Handout 

Episode Eight: “Navigating Healthcare Insurance” 

Episode Nine: “Social Security – Exploring Your Best Options” 

Social Security Handout

Episode Ten: “Understanding Life Insurance – Part One” 

Survivor Needs Review Handout

Understanding Life Insurance Handout

Episode Eleven: “Understanding Life Insurance – Part Two”

Episode Twelve: “Medicare – Choosing Your Best Option”

Medicare and You 2018 Handout

Medicare Medigap Guide

Episode Thirteen: “Wrap It Up”