Financial Pyramid

How Well Constructed Is Your Financial Pyramid?

A financial strategy should be solidly built. The pyramid exemplifies the order, strength, and integrity that your plan should have. The Foundation should include all the primary elements upon which your financial Structure is built. The Structure should include those financial aspects of your plan that help you pursue near and intermediate range goals. Finally, the PINNACLE of your strategy should be added after all other structural components are in place. The PINNACLE should be designed to help potentially lift you to greater financial achievement and help you use velocity of money concepts to expand your financial pyramid from the foundation upward. The process can continue, allowing for growth and expansion of your plan and your financial well-being as time progresses.

If a block in your financial pyramid is missing or weakly constructed, your financial structure can come tumbling down. How solidly constructed is your financial pyramid? Do you have any weak or crumbling financial blocks? Click Here to print or download an Adobe file of the pyramid and take a moment to evaluate your plan design. Contact Money Counts if you would like a no obligation analysis.