Making Your Money Work For Your Goals

Business owners are often the clients who may benefit most from personal cash flow management strategies.

Money Counts can help you restructure cash flow and tailor your financial goals for the demands and opportunities that come with owning your own business. Our planning approach leverages the velocity of money to discover opportunities to create value and rewards both in the present and future with the potential to:

  •  Help protect revenues and assets
  • Maximize the coordination of business and family assets
  • Retain and nurture key employees
  • Profitably transfer ownership upon retirement or death
  • Coordinate professional and personal goals for income preservation, college savings, and retirement planning
  • Identify tax deferment opportunities
  • Lower overall risk and increasing net worth
  • Look for tax deferment opportunities

We can help you put the velocity of money to work for your business in these key areas:

  • Business Ownership: Income/asset protection, succession planning, cross purchase, and redemption.
  • Key Position: Prepare for the cost to replace a key person and the resulting lost revenue to your business.
  • Professional/Partner Retirement: Plan ahead to meet personal and lifestyle goals: 412i Plans, executive bonus structures, deferred compensation and living buy-outs.
  • Employee Insurance Benefits: Get the most out of your money and create programs that attract and retain top employees. Make benefit choices with positive impact now and over the long run.

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