Money Management for Individuals

Individuals of any age need to plan for their future. Often, the financial planning needs of individuals are more complex, simply because they are, or need to be, more independent and self-reliant. Their financial status may depend solely on how they manage income and assets.

At Money Counts, we help individuals from all circumstances develop financial plans:

  • Single parents
  • Young people starting careers
  • Single professionals
  • People single because of divorce or the death of a spouse
  • Single retirees and aging seniors

We help you create workable cash flow plans to build a satisfying life now and help to secure your future. Let us show you how you can use your money to gain your financial freedom.

Money Counts designs creative solutions for:

  • Cash flow planning, debt restructuring, housing, emergency savings
  • College funding, retirement, critical illness, long-term care
  • Business start-up and planning, succession planning, buy-out
  • Protecting against asset loss due to liability, disability, or premature death
  • Distribution of assets, reducing estate taxes, charitable giving

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