Money Management for Women

Take charge of your future with help from Money Counts

At Money Counts we know that women from all walks of life want to take active control of their financial future –business owners, business professionals, students, singles, and moms. Women are most vulnerable when we do not have our own financial resources. We sometimes feel forced into uncomfortable situations because we may not have achieved the ability to support ourselves independently.

Women have discovered that they can and should actively manage their financial situation. Money Counts is a woman-owned business. We devote a large portion of our resources to help women become more financially savvy, independent, and strategically oriented through:

  • Individual Consultations: Set goals, understand all of your financial options, and make informed choices to achieve successful results.
  • Networking Opportunities:Meet and learn from other women who share an interest in taking control of their own finances.
  • Home Based Businesses: Discover ways to start or grow the business you've always wanted, without jeopardizing your other financial goals and commitments.
  • Stress Relief: Stop worrying about your money and start making your money work for you!
  • Time Savers: Learn how to get more out of both your money and your time.
  • Community Resources: Identify and learn how to take advantage of resources for women and women-owned businesses to help you succeed.

For more detailed information see our Money Counts Learning Center.

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