Personal Cash Flow Strategy

Few people have learned about money management in school, and fewer still have learned good cash flow management practices. Our experience is that most people use money inefficiently. How?

  • Poor tax planning causes people to overpay or over-with hold, tying up cash and giving the government an interest-free loan!
  • One-size-fits-all financial advice locks money out of reach that could be helping you build your future.
  • “Lost Opportunity cost” means that once money is spent, you lose the opportunity to spend it differently.

At Money Counts we see your money as a propeller, not an anchor. We can help you tune your money “engine” for the most power possible. We can help propel you to your financial goals and to your potential to achieve the life and future you desire.

We are committed to showing you how to apply these techniques to develop and implement a prioritized spending (cash flow) plan that can help you improve your opportunities to enjoy life, build your future and use the power of the money you have to increase your future assets.