Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson

President / LPL Financial Advisor

Debbie relocated to Charlotte from Rochester NY in 1998 when two of her three sons moved to Charlotte to start a framing contracting company.  She has three sons who are married and a total of seven grandchildren.  All of her family is now in the South.

In September of 2002, Debbie founded Money Counts, a wealth planning firm, created to help people in all types of financial situations to make better decisions about their financial future. Debbie’s background in project management and strategic planning, as well as her experience in cash flow management, greatly enhances her clients’ potential for financial success. Debbie focuses on the concept of Cash Flow Management as a critical (and often missing piece) of traditional financial planning. Her 18 years of experience as the senior manager of Trust Operations and Technology with a leading bank in upstate NY provides a unique perspective for her clients in how banks use velocity of money concepts to increase profits and why these same principles can work for individuals.

Debbie’s team now consists of her Business Partner, LPL Financial Advisor – Nicole Milone, her Office Manager – Marsha Pepper, her niece and Client Relationship Manager – Jennifer Meldrim, and Client Relationship Manager – Jamie McGarity.

Debbie remarried in 2011.  Her husband, Dennis Jahn, is from upstate NY and relocated to Charlotte with his family in 1983.  Debbie and Dennis met accidently in a Charlotte restaurant and found that they had many common interests including travel, boating, fishing, making new friends, and spending time with their families. 

Debbie loves working with clients to help them improve their financial future and to share in their happiness while working toward their goals.  She wants the company to continue to provide financial services for many years to come.  Debbie is mentoring Nicole with the goal of Nicole becoming the owner of the company when Debbie is ready to retire which will, hopefully, be many years in the future.